Sunday, January 24, 2010

Being sick sucks!

There are only a few days out of the year that I get sick to the point of being useless. Today is one of those days. Went to the gym with my wife yesterday afternoon (our romantic get away..haha), and I was only doing core work. No running, just core. And I felt, well, kinda crappy. I pushed through it blaming the weather and berating myself for being lazy. After the gym we had to run home and get the kids. We had tickets to the Caps vs Coyotes game. GO CAPS! Everything was going fine at the game until some woman decided she needed to get by us while on a power play and 25 seconds left in the period. I am usually and laid back guy, and would just bite my tongue as I got up to let her by. Not tonight. "Really? You could not wait 25 seconds?" I was very annoyed, which also let me know something was up with myself. Of course the boy friend of this woman glares at me, I glare back....he sat down. The rest of the game I felt something brewing inside of me.

After the win, we went home. It was a struggle. My head was throbbing. When we got home I popped a couple Advil. Sleep came easy. Waking up, different story. I awoke with the headache and realized, I am sick. I am like a lot of men, a baby when sick. A sniffle, no problem. Ache or pain, I can deal. Stomach ache, I will manage. All at once, someone kill me now please.
So, being useless today, not being able to run or finish that home improvement project, has left me here at a keyboard. As I finish up here, I try to find a bright light. I have a new book, Marathoning for Mortals. My favorite race registration opens this week. I am purchasing a Garmin watch this week (I hope). And I may go see my Mom next weekend in Indiana.

As I sip my tea, I think it could be worse. Not trying to beat the drum of "Poor Haiti", but I could be one of those people. And yes, I did send money the other night to Haiti. My kids empty their penny jars into or donation jar we keep in the laundry room. That is one our rules. If you leave money in your jeans, it goes in the donation jar by the dryer. Only fair I think. I you have so much money that you forget it in your pockets as you toss me you dirty jeans, you don't need it! And I have had my share fall out of my pants. Once the jar is full, we will donate to St. Judes, my wife's favorite charity. I am also considering running that marathon in December, if I can lose whatever illness I have caught before then. Again, men are babies when they are sick. I accept that.

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  1. Once, I went to a Caps game when I was feeling sick and sat next to a guy with a cowbell. My head was throbbing by the end of the game.