Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So we have this coffee pot at work. They are those tube like canisters, ones that you see at Panera Bread where you push down on the top and the coffee comes out. Anyway, I used to get mad when I would in the break room, push down on the tab to hear "puffffft". This is an annoying sound that translate to "Hi, I am empty. The last person here that got a cup of coffee heard this noise too. But, they did not start a new pot that only takes 30 seconds to prepare and 5 minutes to brew. This person is an asshole." I would get mad and then refuse to make another pot because I made the last 3! Trying to...better myself, I decided to play a little reverse physiology on fate. Also, to maybe try and be a calmer more peaceful Jody. When I hear the "pufffft" now, I celebrate like Alex Ovechkin. I call out "Whoah! I am a winner! Yeah baby! Goal!" Sometimes I am alone doing this.

Other times, there are people in there I know and they laugh at me. However, sometimes there are people in there that don't get my humor. I did it today. The Marketing department just moved onto our floor. So, two ladies are in there drink coffee...yes, a fresh cup of coffee that must have come from the coffee canister I am about to approach. Knowing there two ladies are infamous for drinking gallons of coffee (brown teeth and coffee stained shirts to prove it), I go into a sporting event commentator's speach..."Harvey has the puck (I am approaching the coffee canister), he deeks left, back hands the puck "(I push down on the canister button to hear the 'puffft' ) "He scooooooores! Ladies and gentleman (as I start to disassemble the canister and brew more coffee) Jody Harvey is only one away from a hat trick today. Unbelievable!" I would jump into the vending machine like OV does to the glass after a goal, but I am afraid I would break it. The ladies, clearly annoyed with my antics, roll their eyes at me get up and leave the break room. While others I know passing by laugh hysterically.

Sorry, it just plain rude not to start a new pot after you just killed the last cup.

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